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Celery 4 with Django on Ubuntu 18.04

There are many things that we want to do asynchronously without unnecessarily blocking our code. Celery is a library that does exactly that. Celery is a task queue that plays well with Django and we have had a great ton of fun using for the past few years! In this tutorial we will set up Celery in o…

Faisal M Faisal M

Install direnv on Ubuntu 16.04 in 1 min

At Will & Skill we care deeply about using the right tools to optimize our workflow. If we can shave off a few seconds here and there we can save a lot of time in the long run. direnv is a small but nifty tool that optimizes the task of switching to the right virtualenv 1. Install direnv sudo ap…

Faisal M Faisal M

Using Django's built-in translations

Django comes with a great way to handle translations in your project. Whether it's static strings in your projects templates, or error messages to help developers using your fancy package, Django is here to help! This guide covers everything you'll need to know in 3 steps, configuring your system &a…

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