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Using ES6 with AngularJS and gulp

To use ES6 code in your AngularJS project along with gulp you’re going to need to transpile the ES6 code into ES5 code using babel. First, install the necessary packages: npm install babel-core babel-preset-env gulp-babel In your package.json, after dependencies and devDependencies, add "babel”: { “presets”: { […

Andreas HalldénAndreas Halldén

Getting started with gulp and less

Gulp is an intuitive, developer friendly streaming build system. And did I say that it is super fast!? Why Gulp? A lot of task runners require a lot of complex configs in order to work which makes it a lot harder to convey your intentions to your fellow coder/colleague. Gulp has solved this issue with simple and readable syntax that makes…

Faisal MahmudFaisal Mahmud